exception eth.exceptions.BlockNotFound

Raised when the block with the given number/hash does not exist. This will happen, for example, if the transactions or uncles are not saved in the database.

exception eth.exceptions.CanonicalHeadNotFound

Raised when the chain has no canonical head.

exception eth.exceptions.CheckpointsMustBeCanonical

Raised when a persisted header attempts to de-canonicalize a checkpoint

exception eth.exceptions.ContractCreationCollision

Raised when there was an address collision during contract creation.

exception eth.exceptions.FullStack

Raised when the stack is full.

exception eth.exceptions.GapTrackingCorrupted

Raised when the tracking of chain gaps appears to be corrupted (e.g. overlapping gaps)

exception eth.exceptions.Halt

Raised when an opcode function halts vm execution.

exception eth.exceptions.HeaderNotFound

Raised when a header with the given number/hash does not exist.

exception eth.exceptions.IncorrectContractCreationAddress

Raised when the address provided by transaction does not match the calculated contract creation address.

exception eth.exceptions.InsufficientFunds

Raised when an account has insufficient funds to transfer the requested value.

exception eth.exceptions.InsufficientStack

Raised when the stack is empty.

exception eth.exceptions.InvalidInstruction

Raised when an opcode is invalid.

exception eth.exceptions.InvalidJumpDestination

Raised when the jump destination for a JUMPDEST operation is invalid.

exception eth.exceptions.OutOfBoundsRead

Raised when an attempt was made to read data beyond the boundaries of the buffer (such as with RETURNDATACOPY)

exception eth.exceptions.OutOfGas

Raised when a VM execution has run out of gas.

exception eth.exceptions.ParentNotFound

Raised when the parent of a given block does not exist.

exception eth.exceptions.PyEVMError

Base class for all py-evm errors.

exception eth.exceptions.ReceiptNotFound

Raised when the Receipt with the given receipt index does not exist.

exception eth.exceptions.ReservedBytesInCode

Raised when bytes for the code to be deployed are reserved for a particular reason.

exception eth.exceptions.Revert

Raised when the REVERT opcode occured

exception eth.exceptions.StackDepthLimit

Raised when the call stack has exceeded it’s maximum allowed depth.

exception eth.exceptions.StateRootNotFound

Raised when the requested state root is not present in our DB.

exception eth.exceptions.TransactionNotFound

Raised when the transaction with the given hash or block index does not exist.

exception eth.exceptions.UnrecognizedTransactionType

Raised when an encoded transaction is using a first byte that is valid, but unrecognized. According to EIP 2718, the byte may be in the range [0, 0x7f]. As of the Berlin hard fork, all of those versions are undefined, except for 0x01 in EIP 2930.

exception eth.exceptions.VMError

Base class for errors raised during VM execution.

exception eth.exceptions.VMNotFound

Raised when no VM is available for the provided block number.

exception eth.exceptions.WriteProtection

Raised when an attempt to modify the state database is made while operating inside of a STATICCALL context.